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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What are they thinking?

Michael Robinson Makes Clutch 4th Quarter Catch vs. Redskins

That has been the theme on several 49er forums when it was pointed out that Mike Singletary will stick with just two RBs and keep Kory Sheets on the practice squad. Many pointed out his speed and ability to get to the corner as something that is needed to balance the power running that this team likes to feature. Some even say that Sheets should be #2 ahead of Michael Robinson.

Unfortunately, many of these fans are thinking with their hearts and not their heads. Sheets is an excellent pure runner, no question. But, he is a liability as a blocker and that puts Shaun Hill in danger. That is not worth the ristk

Michael Robinson, however, is known as a punishing blocker and is very good in close in one-on-one situations. Just ask Patrick Willis, who found out the hard way when he faced Robinson one on one in Singletary's famous Nutcracker drill. Robinson can also play #2 FB, and is a great receiver out of the backfield. Lest we forget, the second half of last season, Hill and Robinson connected on 17 passes for 201 yards and an average per catch of 11.9 yards. Here is a 36 yard completion against the Rams: CLICK HERE.

That was good enough to be #3 in the NFL among all RBs with ten (10) or more catches. Sheets can't do that. This doesn't even take Robinson's proven leadership qualities as a team captain and star on special teams.

People also underestimate Robinson's ability as a runner. This season he has worked closely with Tom Rathman, and at 225, he is more like the old-time fullback. CLICK HERE to see him gain 97 yards in just 14 carries vs. the Raiders in preseason.

One more important factor is that Michael Robinson has great hands. Not only is he an outstanding receiver out of the backfield, but he has lost only one fumble in his career, and is very dependable in the clutch.

One more consideration. In order to activate Sheets, Singletary would have to cut one player. Forums are screaming for Mark Roman's head, but let's not make him the fall guy. He has played extremely well in these three games and is an outstanding man for the dime package. Lewis made a great catch. Had we been a bit more creative, we may have run the clock out with under 2:00 and the pass would never have been attempted.

Let's accept the loss and move on. The Rams are waiting...

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  1. Observer, I agree with you completely. Sheets is an exciting runner but all it takes is one missed block to end your QB's season. Robinson is the most underrated player on the team in my opinion, and I also believe it is time they let him run the option and put his talents to use. It would take pressure off of Hill.

  2. so agree Sheets should be on the roster

    I like him A LOT better than Coffee too

    they better watch out.

    Dallas is down to one healthy RB

    they might snag Kory

  3. They keep threatening to use the Taser. Then when they do they use Spurlock who couldn't hit a pig in the ass with a shovel. I agree that it's time they let Michael Robinson play football. The guy is a stud and deserves the opportunity to show what he can do. He always puts out 100%.


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