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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Solution for Harbaugh

Will they be Reunited?

Jim Harbaugh had no choice due to the lockout but to go with Alex Smith. Knowing Alex's significant limitations as a thrower, and his slow decision making, he designed a dink and dunk offense and Alex flourished. But what about next season? I don't think either Harbaugh or the fans are satisfied with this inept offense. Here's a simple solution:

Indy is in a real quandary. They have the #1 pick (Andrew Luck) AND Peyton Manning who doesn't appear to be ready to retire anytime soon. The 49ers can trade Alex Smith to Indy, plus the Niners' #1 and #2 picks, for Indy's #1. It's a win-win situation.

Indy gets a solid performer who can back up Manning and fill in admirably when necessary, plus two high quality draft picks.

Harbaugh gets his man and the boredom on offense ends in the City by the Bay.

That was easy...


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