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Friday, May 6, 2011

Kapernick Has the Stuff

NFL.com news: Niners rookie QB Kaepernick to learn playbook through others

This is just one of the reasons I like this kid. He's eager to learn and I remember Joe Montana in his early years. He had that confidence but that impatience, yet he was catlike when he moved. Joe wasn't the fastest of all-time, but he was among the smartest. If you watched the Science video in the previous post, you can see that this kid gets rid of the ball in real hurry, despite a long throwing motion.

Like I have said before, I have seen every 49er QB that has ever played for the team. Frankie Albert was probably the most exciting -- he could fake, run, pass, and quick kick or punt. He was left-handed and could make plays where there weren't any. Tittle was the toughest, Brodie the cockiest, and Young was every bit the equal of Albert for excitement. Alex had all the physical tools, but no natural instincts. He's a thinker, and he doesn't do anything instinctually, he has to think first. You can't teach natural instincts, and Alex will never be more than barely adequate. He is like Steve Deberg (who was a far better passer) on steroids.

Kaepernick has those same cat-like qualities and intensity of interest that Joe used to have. Will he be as good as Joe? Probably not. But he will be good -- very good, and I'm looking forward to him beating Alex out in head-to-head competition to make the passing of the torch official. In a creative Harbaugh system, he'll succeed.

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