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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Read My Lips, Mike -- It's the Philosophy

Singletary and Raye Game Planning for Kansas City

After the embarrassment of the Kansas City Chiefs game, Mike Singletary stubbornly defended his Dinosaur Ball philosophy of offense by saying:  "It's the execution, not the philosophy".  You have to be kidding, Mike.  That's it, throw the players under the bus and defend your archaic views on offensive football.  Believe me, Mike, it is REALLY offensive.

So, you popped some NoDoz and stayed up all night watching horror films -- the first three games, and decided to bounce Jimmy Raye, the man who loyally carried out your wishes for your brand of offense.  This is not like you, Mike.  You have always been a man of deep intellect, integrity, and loyalty.

We know Alex Smith is a terrible thrower.  He will always have mucho interceptions because in six years he hasn't learned to get his passes down and tipped balls are part of his makeup.  But, you keep saying he is getting better.  At this rate, I'll be 100 before he does.

I'm about to turn 68, Mike, on October 9 which is the same birthdate as John and Sean Lennon, Jackson Browne, and YOU.  We're Libras, Mike.  We are very fair-minded, balanced and able to see both sides of an argument.  We are NOT rigid and unbending.

If it's films you want to see, Mike, don't watch your own. That's the last thing you need to see. I have one to recommend to you.  Watch the final drive vs. Dallas in the 1981 NFC Championship Game.  Bill Walsh was the master of adapting his team's talents rather than forcing a philosophy down their throats.  This drive demonstrates the brilliance of that man and you can certainly learn from it.  Watch how quickly the Niners got up to the line of scrimmage and the absolute brilliance of the play calling.  Nobody knew what was coming next.  Here it is:

While 49er fans are wiping tears from their eyes, here is some advice. Your stubborn adherence to Dinosaur Ball has resulted in some very poor personnel decisions, which make you look like Head Troglodyte. First, you inexplicably cut Michael Robinson with the stupefying comment that you didn't know how to work him into the offense. Neither did Mike Nolan.

MRob was an excellent blocker and was a top wide receiver and quarterback at Penn State before Nolan got brain-lock and decided to make him a running back. In 2008, under YOU, he caught 17 passes for over 200 yards in just the last half of the season. His circus catch helped you win vs. the Redskins. And you use Moran Norris as a receiver in a clutch situation? As Michael Irvin would say, "COME ON, MAN!".

MRob was a special teams captain and team leader and our best special teams player. You cut him!

Then, Diyral Briggs gets snatched from our practice squad. The kid is a future star. Why don't you grab him back off Denver's PS and activate him? He can't do any worse than Parys Haralson.

Finally, your biggest bonehead move was to cut NATE DAVIS. What are you thinking? Alex Smith has been given six years to demonstrate he is the checkdown king of the NFL. I have seen every 49er QB since Frankie Albert and Alex will NEVER be a quality QB.

Nate Davis needs to be activated IMMEDIATELY to protect him from other teams. Activate him and bring in a QB mentor to work with him 24/7. Play him in a spread offense and start throwing downfield. Use Westbrook in the backfield with Gore and get rid of Norris. Caulcrick will fit in much better in a wide open offense.

Finally, Mike, pray on this. A great coach adapts his philosophy to the talents of his team and does not insist that his players fit into his system. That's like placing a square peg into a round hole. I'll bet that Buck Shaw and Bill Walsh were turning in their graves last Sunday. I'm rooting for you, brother, but even my patience is running thin. Let's go Niners.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have just become your fan. Finally, someone tells it like it is.

  2. I hope Singletary reads this.

  3. You hit the nail right on the head. Mike needs to adapt or go.

  4. Some good points... I like it!

  5. "It's the execution, not the philosophy".

    Actually, he said:

    "I think it’s execution. But in a loss like this, I’m sure you could say it was a number of things. I think if you would ask any of the players, it’s just one of those things where a coach can call a play, but the bottom line is we have to execute it."

  6. you did not play football, so coach sing would dismiss this as "you don't know what you are talking about"..too bad though.. some people can play, some people can coach... not many can do both...

  7. Dumb article.....you pretend to know football but you are dreaming back to a different era of ball. EVERYBODY runs the Bill Walsh offense and defenses know it well son. Coach Singeltary is adopting, that's part of the process in his 2nd full season. Walsh's teams got their asses kicked the 1st 2 seasons, how do I know??? I was there son. Progression. Mike might be learning on the job, as most coaches do, but he's also moving this club in the right direction. The very best thing you can do is be a true fan if you really are one, relax and enjoy the game most of all and watch this young team grow and come together.

    Niner fan since 1959

  8. Three runs up the middle when you're behind 21-3 is terrible philosophy. When they are loading up 8 men in the box execution goes out the window. You have to give the players the tools necessary so they CAN execute.

  9. Just viewd "the drive" video. it gave me goosebumps...Then a tear came to my eye living with the current team.

  10. Hey anonymous Niner fan since 1959. DUMB RESPONSE. So you were there, son? Fan since 1959? Well, I've been a fan since 1946 and saw Frankie Albert and every other Niner QB since. Right direction? 0-3 and getting their asses handed to them every week and being completely outcoached is something Walsh NEVER DID -- son.

  11. To the anonymous reader who said, "You didn't play football", you know this how? You're right about one thing, some people can play and some can coach and not many can do both. Unfortunately Mike is proving to be the latter. Very sad because I love the guy and his stubbornness is going to cost him his job and hurt this team dramatically. Hopefully, he'll adapt.

  12. To the TRUE FAN who viewed the Drive and got goosebumps and tears, that's exactly what happened to me -- and it was 28 years ago!

  13. Troy Smith Should be the Starting QB. Carr is just another clone of A. Smith! A. Smith is the CANCER since he's been here. Just look at his career stats. And to all of you Alex Smith Lovers..I've seen him play..Bad Decisions/Inconsistent/Inaccurate..That's why there are so many Tip Balls from him..LOL..and i know 2 of the tip balls was Crabtree's Fault. But all of the other ones is his fault for sure. Overthrown pass to a FB Norris..I won't forget that until Smith is outta here..Singletery needs to get rid of him or else he'll go with smith at the end of the season

  14. I'd like to see him cut Smith and promote Carr or Troy Smith to start. Activate Nate before some team snatches the guy who may well be our future if someone would show him 1/100 of the patience they have had with Alex. I agree with you completely about Alex.

  15. good article need more open offense i hate when we run the ball 3 times and punt

  16. Hate Anonymous Tough GuysSeptember 29, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    Carr and Smith are clones of Smith. Failed guys who did well in college. This is the NFL, son (sorry, had to slip one in there in honor of the idiot who thinks Sing is moving the team in the right direction-- true if the right direction is to hell). It requires an overlapping but distinct skill set that most college guys will never have. Smith would have been a 5th round pick if he came out last year.

  17. It has been surreal to see where my beloved 49rs are and what has become of that proud heritage of winning..to make matters worse I'm still trying to figure out the Ronnie Lott deal with the Saints. The way I see it , as long as A Smith is our starting QB and Singletary our HC, we will see more of the same losing football we've had to put up with for the past what..6 yrs and counting?? I'm still hopeful that at some point Eddie D will pull young Jed aside and ask him..."son..what are you doing?!!" and set him straight on the Niner way and back to being again the premier franchise once was.

  18. Very nice. You hit the nail right on the head. all I can say is I feel your pain. I saw my first game in Nov. 1946 been a fan ever since. Maybe Walsh can put in a good word to the Man up stairs, here's hoping. Keep up the good work.

  19. It's November. Nate Davis is still unclaimed. Despite A. Smith's collapse and T. Smith clearly being another place holder...

    You Nate Davis guys should, frankly, just shut up. He's not shown himself to "be all that and a bunch of chips."

    Heck, he couldn't even play well against the Charger's second string. Even Alex did better against them four years ago... When they were a better team, to boot...


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